Meet Club Rock

Club Rock Wedding Party Dance Band

With studio quality musicians from top to bottom, the Club Rock band delivers high energy shows that very few bands in America can match. Each member of the band was hand selected for their exceptional vocals, musicianship, and personality, and as a group combine to form one of the most exciting dance bands in the nation. When you’re planning an important event – wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or private party – and you’re looking for the perfect blend of musical talent, choreographed energy, and personality; this group is it, no doubt about it.

Band Members

Angie Lead Vocalist

Angie: Vocals

Jay Lead Singer

Jay: Vocals

Kaylie Vocalist

Kaylie: Vocals

Nate Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocalist

Nate: Guitar, Vocals

Garret Lead Guitarist

Garret: Lead Guitar

Matt Drummer

Matt: Drums

Dan Bass Guitar

Dan: Bass Guitar

Chad Keyboardist

Chad: Keyboard